Term 3 starts 15th July… Have you booked in yet?


 Jenny is our first accredited Wudang Bamboo Form Teacher!

Having diligently studied and practiced the Wudang Bamboo Form and successfully completing the requirements for accreditation, Jenny was rewarded for her dedication on Sunday 23rd June. Jenny will be offering the Wudang Bamboo Form class to students of Rising Moon Tai Chi in Mornington on Friday mornings.

Further Wudang Bamboo Form Workshops and Accreditations will be offered annually. These workshops are open to all Tai Chi students – no matter your level of experience. You will find that the class is made up of absolute beginners as well as students with 30 years or more experience. These older students know how important it is to go back to the basics, every now and then, to correct errors that inevitably slip into our practice. Younger students appreciate the value in having experienced students to follow in the class…

The Wudang Bamboo Form Teaching Accreditation is offered to instructors who meet the conditions as stated in the application. Once accredited, these instructors will be entitled to teach the Wudang Bamboo Form in their own classes. All Tai Chi Instructors are warmly invited to attend this workshop and apply for accreditation.

Created by Su Rule, the Wudang Bamboo Form is a beautiful introduction to the Wudang style and an effective way to help all Tai Chi students understand and develop their Tai Chi, no matter what style they usually practice. The essence of Wudang Tai Chi crosses all styles. Its practice and study adds depth, flow and an expanded understanding of the mind, body and spirit.

Further information on future Wudang Bamboo Form Workshops and Teaching Accreditations will be available soon.

Please email info@chigeneration.com.au with your enquiries.