A Tai Chi Class

In learning & developing any skill, there are always paths to follow to help in reaching your goal. A strong foundation must be set to ensure future success. Basics must be learnt and, once established and set in your mind, they will be an invaluable source to return to whenever you feel stuck and unable to make any progress.

The class format involves the following:

Warm-ups: These are a short set of exercises to loosen and relax joints, tendons & muscles  from the neck down to the soles of your feet. The movements open the energy channels running through our bodies, helping qi to flow. It is the time to clear your mind, let your thoughts go and become aware of how your body is feeling…

Qigong: Each class includes a Qigong form to help bring your focus into your body and to raise awareness of the energy running through and around your body.

Standing and Walking Meditation: After awakening our energy with Qigong, we meditate with Chi Cultivation and Wudang walking. Using our breath, we settle into a warm and relaxed state of mind; slowly drawing movement into the meditation.

Form: This is the main section of the class where consecutive moves of the form are taught. There is time to review the previous class lesson, to learn the next movement and to practice the sequence of moves learnt so far.

Cool-downs: At the end of each class, we will do basic stretching to increase our flexibility, followed by a short meditation to settle our energy back down into the lower dan tien.

A Qigong Class

Qigong classes follow a similar program but with the focus on a Qigong form. Once the movements of each form have been learnt, class time is a meditation. The Qigong forms are performed in sequence, perhaps repeated, perhaps stopping to check and correct movements but always mindful of the energy in and around us…

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