A Tai Chi Class

In learning & developing any skill, there are always paths to follow to help in reaching your goal. A strong foundation must be set to ensure future success. Basics must be learnt and, once established and set in your mind, they will be an invaluable source to return to whenever you feel stuck and unable to make any progress.

The class format involves the following:

Warm-ups: These are a short set of exercises to loosen your joints from your neck down to the balls of your feet. This set will give your body a moment to gather itself and slowly warm to the idea of doing some real work.

Leg raises: Wudang Tai Chi places great emphasis on the fluid movement of your waist, hips and legs. These exercises will give strength and flexibility to those areas which in turn will give you greater stability in your Tai Chi practice.

Chi cultivation: After awakening our energy with the warm-ups & leg raises, we calm and focus our minds with a standing meditation. Focusing on the lao gung & yong chuan points, the dan tien and our breathing, we settle into a warm and relaxed state of mind, ready to absorb the new skill or movements being taught.

Drills: The drills are foundation movements of the Wudang style. Each routine – barehand and weapon routines – will have one or more or even a part of the movements in the routine as practiced here.

Routine: This is the main section of the class where consecutive moves of the routine are taught. There is time here to review the previous class lesson, to learn a new part of the routine and to practice the sequence of moves learnt so far.

Cool-downs: At the end of each class, we will do basic stretching to increase our flexibility, followed by a short meditation settling our energy back down to the dan tien.

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