Wudang Bamboo Form

The Wudang Bamboo Form

Created by Su Rule, the Wudang Bamboo Form is a beautiful introduction to the Wudang style and an effective way to help all Tai Chi students understand and develop their Tai Chi, no matter what style they usually practice. The essence of Wudang Tai Chi crosses all styles. Its practice and study adds depth, flow and an expanded understanding of the mind, body and spirit.

The Wudang Bamboo Form is a set of 9 traditional Wudang style movements. Structured to optimise the use of both time & space, you will find focus, calm & energy in practicing the form. This is a short, flexible form requiring a small area for practice and giving you the choice to determine how long in time that practice will be.

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Chi Generation Wudang Bamboo Form Group

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