Wudang Tai Chi

Wudang Tai Chi is arguably the source of all other tai chi styles. It holds the key to the internal practice we are aiming for. It is called an internal art because the actions demonstrate both strength and grace, and the internal energy is combined with the external performance. Because of its internal health benefits, its style and longevity, Wudang Tai Chi is singular in the martial arts field and has long enjoyed a great reputation both within martial arts circles and the wider Chinese community.

Wudang Tai Chi has only recently been revealed to the western world. Held sacred by Taoist priests and nuns, its practice had remained a treasured secret of the temples and monasteries in the sacred mountains of Wudangshan for over 600 years. When its existence was threatened by the Cultural Revolution, Masters sent their disciples to the west to ensure the practice was not lost in the chaos of those times. Most fortunately, the Taoists were again able to practice their art in the temples of Wudangshan. To our great benefit, the Masters continue to share their knowledge, teaching all who are willing to learn thus ensuring the continuation of the art of Wudang Tai Chi, the original Tai Chi.

2 Responses to Wudang Tai Chi

  1. Erwin Pitsch says:


    I wonder if there are teachers / classes in or near Brisbane? I took some classes in Belgrave about 6 years ago, but then moved to Brisbane. Doing Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong, it would be great to study Neigong and Wudang Tai Chi / Sword form.

    Kind Regards,

    Erwin Pitsch

  2. admin says:

    Hello Erwin – apologies for such a late reply… So that’s where you went… :)
    There are a few options in Brisbane for tai chi – not the Wudang style nor the Wudang Bamboo Form sadly – but look for a class with Dennis Watts or Rob Fennell and you’ll be on the right track… And say ‘Hi’ from me!

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