Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes:
There is no better way to learn Tai Chi than by jumping into a class and having a go. Beginners classes are offered each year if & when possible but, due to time & venue constraints, they cannot be regularly timetabled. In China, the way to learn Tai Chi & Qi Gong is not by class but by heading down to the local park first thing in the morning, putting yourself in the middle of a group & copying their movements as best you can. Unfortunately, our western culture doesn’t offer this option – except for Chi Generation’s practice & revision sessions which are timetabled at random intervals…
So, if an existing class is the only one that works with your timetable, please don’t be deterred by the apparent expertise of other students. They started at the same point as you – knowing little to nothing, feeling just as self-conscious, and more than likely feeling the same again now that a new person has joined! It is important to remember that Tai Chi & Qi Gong can only be learnt at your own pace so comparisons with others are not a relevant gauge of your own progress. As each week goes by, students learn a little more and advance a little further. A few weeks or months down the track, these students laugh in disbelief when told that they appear to be old hands. The advantage here for you is that you will have others to follow & learn from as you go, and a few months on, newbies will be saying the same of you!
The nature of Tai Chi & Qi Gong is such that it allows beginning students to blend into an existing beginners class with ease. The moves are repeated and revised each week which means a beginner can join at any stage and still pick up the movements & information that other students may have learnt in earlier classes. It is a distinct advantage. Count it as an opportunity.


Other Options:

  • Private tuition is available with weekly, monthly or one-off sessions. Please speak to Su to make arrangements.
  • Corporate Classes and Workshops can be arranged for your workplace; for conferences and seminars, working groups, and other workplace events. For one-off team building sessions to regular weekly or monthly in-house classes, all designed to suit your space and time, please speak with Su to discuss your ideas.
  • School Classes and Workshops are available for students, teachers and administrators. Classes may be designed for students as an end of term activity, stress relief for VCE students or a monthly relaxation session for staff, committees and board members.
  • Retirement villages, rehabilitation centres, mental health services, disability services are also catered for with classes designed to suit.