Celebrating ‘Team Effort’ at the 2nd AIMA Festival 2019!!


We’re celebrating the wonderful achievement this week – no – this month – of Chi Generation’s two group entries in the 2nd AIMA Festival 2019! Both groups took 2nd placings in the event with the Wudang Bamboo Form and the Yin Water Form.

The teams showed great skill in their calm performances amid the cacophony of noise, colour and activity as is expected at any traditional martial arts festival in China. Reports of the Festival are all over Chinese news media and videos are available on the AIMAF Facebook page.


Congratulations to PAUL FINN who placed FIRST with both his Yin Water Form and the Wudang 28 – a fantastic effort with fantastic scores! We’re so proud of you, Paul!

The Haul – short one medal but arriving soon…

    TEAM EFFORT: AIMAF 2019 minus one…

    TEAM EFFORT: Found Anna judging…

    HALL OF FAME: Master Su Rule

    HALL OF FAME: Chi Generation


  Master Su Rule – watching Team Effort…

Paul – Yin Water Form

Team Effort – Yin Water Form

Team Effort – Wudang Bamboo Form

2nd AIMAF 2019 Opening Ceremony

2nd AIMAF 2019 Overview

2nd AIMAF 2019 photos

2nd AIMAF 2019 Box Hill Gardens