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I began my tai chi journey in the eighties with Doctor Li Wong, a traditional Chinese doctor who also teaches (and prescribes) qigong and tai chi for prevention and recovery from illness. After several years away, I joined classes again in the nineties, this time training with Master Charles Tsui-Po. During this time, I gained international recognition competing in two World Wushu Championships and many local, national and World Traditional competitions. I began teaching in 2000 and I’ve taught many students in many settings since then.

In 2009, I ‘found’ the Wudang style while competing at the World Traditional Championships in Shiyan, China. Very few people knew of this style, let alone heard of it, outside of China at this time. After training alone for 2 years, I met Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) at a competition in Hong Kong who encouraged me to train in Wudang, China. I am honoured to have been a student of Grand Master Zhong Yun Long and to now be recognised as Wudang San Feng Australia.

I started my own school in 2011 on my return from China, purely to teach this beautiful style of tai chi. Weekly classes and monthly workshops are available for local students and I have begun travelling to regional centres to share my knowledge and passion for these arts and especially the Wudang style.

These arts offer a gift in their ability to seemingly stop time while we gather and care for ourselves – mind, body and soul – giving energy to our bodies, giving our minds a break from personal & worldly worries, allowing our selves some calm and quiet. The stress and strain heaped upon us from all directions wears us down. Emotional stress affects our physical being and we all need a rest from this constant barrage of anxious expectation. These beautiful arts give us the chance to connect, physically and mentally, with all that is wonderful in this world and in this life. The training we do in class brings an inner stillness to our practice. Eventually, this stillness carries through to our everyday life, giving us a calm centre to hold to while we manage all the storms and confusions of life.

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