Yin Water Form

The Yin Water Form

In the tradition of the Wudang style, the Yin Water Form demonstrates the principle of soft overcoming hard, immersing mind & body in the flow of movement. It is a beautiful 14 step routine that combines the concepts of Yin with the attributes of the element water – both essential to life. The movements are quiet, calm & constant, with clear martial application; connecting the mind & body in the natural energetic flow intrinsic to the Wudang style.

Attributes of Yin: soft, yielding, silent, nurturing      

Attributes of Water: flowing, still, deep, soft overcoming hard

Numerology: Yin Water = 7 = Tui = Lake = after the harvest, laughter, gaiety, enjoyment, balanced with introspection, quietude & seclusion, characteristics of mystics & philosophers.

The Training DVD is available if you are unable to attend classes and feel you can learn and develop the movements for yourself. Please check the Study Materials page.

2016 18th WTQA Festival: Yin Water Form Group (Silver Medallists)