Yin Water Form

The Concept

In the tradition of the Wudang style, the Yin Water Form demonstrates the principle of soft overcoming hard, immersing mind & body in the flow of movement. It is a beautiful 14 step routine that combines the concepts of Yin with the attributes of the element water – both essential to life. The movements are quiet, calm & constant, with clear martial application; connecting the mind & body in the natural energetic flow intrinsic to the Wudang style.

Attributes of Yin: soft, yielding, silent, nurturing      

Attributes of Water: flowing, still, deep, soft overcoming hard

Numerology: Yin Water = 7 = Tui = Lake = after the harvest, laughter, gaiety, enjoyment, balanced with introspection, quietude & seclusion, characteristics of mystics & philosophers.

The Yin Water Form Workshop Series:

Designed to give you time to learn & absorb the movements presented, the Yin Water Form Workshop Series will be presented over a ten week period. The movements within the form are taught first as drills – in order to master each move before attempting to add or connect them to the form. There are 6 drills to learn – each a beautiful meditation on their own. The slow repetition brings focus & allows the body to settle into the pathway of each movement. Constant repetition during each session & each week between sessions will keep the movements fresh in your mind. Please give yourself 10 to 20 minutes per day for practice.

Expressions of Interest:

If you would like to attend this workshop series in 2017, please email your details to su@chigeneration.com.au. Further details will be available shortly.

2016 18th WTQA Festival: Yin Water Form Group (Silver Medallists)