Fu Chen Feng

THE WUDANG FU CHEN (Horsetail Whisk)

The Wudang Fu Chen has a special meaning in Taoism. It is a symbol of the Immortals of the Taoist pantheon. It represents the culture of taoism and serves as a reminder that we need to continually sweep away the distracting thoughts that disrupt a peaceful way of life. It is considered magical and can sweep away all demons and clean away the mortal fate.

In practice, the horsetail whisk is used for clouding, sweeping, pointing and poking, displaying a spiraling force, aiming the conical metal tip, hidden under the tail, or the carved end of the handle to strike at acupressure points, divide tendons and subdue bones. It is forceful in attack and defence. We use these methods to show the frame of mind as being quiet and free.

As a sign of their heritage and place amongst the ancients, taoist masters of past generations and their disciples are depicted carrying the Fu Chen.